PHILADELPHIA, PA [via Sapient Razorfish Agency NYC]
Branding, UI Design, Art Direction, Customer Journey
Hands-on UI Designer and Art Director in a fast-paced environment with a strong attention to detail and understanding of dev and html component environment for Comcast Business' Digital Center of Experience [DCoE], a billion dollar communications firm handling the
sales, marketing, and delivery of internet, phone, and other services to businesses.
Digital Transformation
Designed a campaign for Comcast Business Media to promote a digital transformation journey with focused effort to channel companies to participate in a digital survey and download a learning whitepaper, in order to seize opportunities in the digital-first economy.
User Flow
Enterprise Page
Banner on Enterprise Page
DT 2.0 Survey Landing Page - Desktop
DT 2.0 Survey Landing Page - Desktop
DT 2.0 Hero
DT 2.0 Landing Page - Desktop
DT 2.0 Landing Page - Desktop
Cyber Monday
• 14% lift comparing Cyber Monday 2018 vs. 2017 Campaign
• Drove 2,786 calls/day
• +28% vs. average of last 7 months
User Flow
Homepage Hero
Homepage - Desktop
Homepage - Tablet
Homepage - Mobile
Landing Page - Desktop
Landing Page - Open Drawer
Landing Page - Tablet
Landing Page - Mobile
Shop Banner and Featured Offers
PDP Banner on CB Internet Page
User Flow
Returning Customers Funnel
New Customers Funnel
2-step Form for Moving a Business
Hero with CTA
4-Up Info and Icons
2-step Form
CB Footer
Created marketing campaigns such as banners, heroes, landing pages, and various ECRM materials resulting in increased user engagement for the 2nd half of FY 2018.
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